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Crypto Coin Desk

CryptoCoinDesk ofers consulting services in the feld of analytics, examination, acquisition, investment and holding of cryptocurrencies, the creation and monitoring of which are based on cryptographic methods.

It's no no secret that now the sphere of cryptocurrencies is experiencing a real YboomY of interest from states, corporations, fnancial institutions, investors and, fnally, ordinary citizens! How not to get lost in the huge amount of information that in the last 5 years appears on the Internet on this issue? The answer is simple — contact CryptoCoinDesk and get a personal consultation.

Nowadays the market is faced with situation when a large amount of people call themselves scryptocurrency experts’ actually without having sufficient knowledge or practical experience in this area. Their goal is basically to ofer you services for investing in the mining farms or tokens of the next new ICO, while both options provide only one result — investing your funds in projects with vague prospects for implementation. CryptoCoinDesk specialists not only have excellent theoretical knowledge in the feld of cryptocurrency and have successful experience in advising clients on related issues, but also have practical knowledge and ready solutions in order help you personally become a direct participant in this market in the most accessible and understandable form, without any intermediaries.

Our goal is to teach you to understand


Crypto Coin Desk is:

Buying and selling


The best conditions for buying and selling Bitcoin, Etherium and other leading cryptocurrency. Carrying out of transactions in the bank. Departure to the client anywhere in the world.





- Rent of premises and areas for mining containers. From 3,5 rubles per kWh.

- Sale of mining hardware

- Mining containers

- Immersion cooling systems for mining

- Energy audits of premises for mining

- Downward adjustment of the electricity cost

- Estimation of cost and volumes of electricity and capacity




- ICO launcher

- Trading consulting ptrading signals, trust management portfolios.

- Consulting on crypto-wallets solutions, including selection and setting up.

- Creation of individual investment crypto-portfolios taking risk/return profle.

- 24-hour portfolios monitoring.



Cryptocurrency trading


Active cryptocurrency trading operations on stock exchanges: BitMex, Binance, Poloniex, Bitfnex, CEX.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage.

Trading signals.

The volatility of the cryptocurrency market attracts many people to conduct hazardous, speculative trading operations in order to proft. It is generally known that on traditional fnancial market investors succeed only by the agency of professional traders, and the cryptocurrency market is not an exception.

Therefore, even if a newcomer has a positive trading experience on cryptomarket, one must bear in mind that luck is an extremely unreliable basis for stable and long-term success. Crypto Coin Desk team has 20 years of experience in the global fnancial markets. Crypto Coin Desk is a full- fledged fnancial institution with hi-tech management strategies. Crypto Coin Desk — is your reliable guide in the crypto trading world.




We explain complicated things simply!


Crypto Coin Desk blockchain-school is a school for training in the areas of cryptocurrencies, digital assets and decentralized technologies. Crypto Coin Desk blockchain school was created to train all persons who are interested in cryptocurrencies, employees of banks and fnancial institutions, professionals of the fntech sector in all aspects of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, smart contracts, and any other digital assets. A special priority for us is the issue of providing security in the held and use of crypto assets and information systems.




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